Cosmic Snake
Cosmic Snake. Press Release 13 nov 2017
Les premières galaxies de l’Univers livrent leurs secrets. Press Release 16 mar 2017

The post Big Bang revealed. Discovery of a strong Lyman continuum leaking galaxy. Press Release 14 jan 2016
CR7 artist impression
Best Observational Evidence of First Generation of Stars in Universe (On a vu les toutes premières étoiles) Octobre 2015
Using the Lyman-alpha line to detect galaxies that leak Lyman continuum (Verhamme et al. 2015)hst_alma_irac1_cb
Hubble, ALMA, and Spitzer image of a strongly lensed galaxy at z=2 (Schaerer et al. 2015)abell2744_composition_1
Discovery of a redshift z=8 galaxy with the Hubble and Spitzer Space telescopes (Laporte et al. 2014)

Who we are

The “starburst” group, at the Geneva Observatory is part of the ‘Galaxies & Universe’ theme of the Astronomy Department. The team has currently six members, and is lead by Prof. Daniel Schaerer. The group carries out research on galaxy formation and evolution, stellar populations, and observational cosmology using multi-wavelength observations and modeling. This site describes/lists some of the main projects and publications from the group.