Codes attributed to Henden's sequences

The generic code is 6931XX, where XX is defined in the table below. It is simply a sequential numbering of each sequence.

Definition of the value of XX for each sequence
01ML Aql13QY Cyg25V446 Mon
02V912 Aql14V641 Cyg26V447 Mon
03V1183 Aql15V714 Cyg27V484 Mon
04AS Aur16V1077 Cyg28V405 Mon
05GT Aur17FM Del29CR Ori
06BF Cas18BW Gem30CU Ori
07CG Cas19TY Mon31DF Ori
08CT Cas20YY Mon32V336 Ori
09DT Cas21AA Mon33GP Per
10HK Cas22EE Mon34MM Per
11V395 Cas23FG Mon35BF Ser
12GL Cyg24FI Mon36FY Vir