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Generic Code

The generic part of the code number is the part that identify the catalogue, the list or the star cluster. The rest of the code number contains the star number in the given calalogue, list or cluster.

This technique may seem awkward, but it may be used to retrieve data for any list to which a code number has been attributed.

For more information see the code numbering system description.


Star Clusters

NGC clusters: 02NNNN

where 02 stands for the NGC catalogue and NNNN is the NGC number
Example: 022287 is the generic code for NGC 2287

IC clusters: 03IIII

where 03 stands for the IC catalogue and IIII is the IC number
Example: 032391 is the generic code for IC 2391

Anon clusters

The generic code for anon clusters starts with 04 or 05 depending on the number of clusters in the list of each discoverer. 04 is used for list smaller than 100 clusters and 05 for list larger.
This table gives the code attributed to each author.
The generic code is then formed with the code for the author and the cluster number.

Generic code of nearby clusters

Cluster designationOther nameGeneric code
HyadesMel 25052025
PleiadesMel 22052022
Alpha PerseiMel 20052020
Coma BerenicesMel 111052111
NGC 2682M67022682
NGC 1976Orion cluster090001
NGC 884chi Persei020884
NGC 869h Persei020869
IC 2391omicron Vel032391
IC 2602theta Car032602
Blanco 1Zeta Scl040901
Trumpler 16eta Car043516

Sequences around globular clusters

NGC Clusters
The generic code for calibrating photoelectric sequences around globular clusters is 092 followed by the NGC number.
Example : Sequence around NGC 1851 : 0921851
IC Clusters
The generic code for calibrating photoelectric sequences around globular clusters is 093 followed by the IC number.
Example : Sequence around IC 4499 : 0934499

Sequences around NGC galaxies

NGC Galaxies
The generic code for calibrating photoelectric sequences around NGC clusters is 092 followed by the NGC number of the galaxy.
Example : Sequence around NGC 1275 : 0921275

Selected Areas

The selection on the Selected Area numbers offers the possibility of retrieving all stars observed in a given selected area.
The codes for the Selected Area are formed with a catalogue identifier and the Selected Area number:


Codes for SA 154
Harvard Selected Area 154: 0700154
Bergedorfer SA 154 : 0730154
Potsdam SA 154 : 0750154

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Last update: 27 June 1997