Scientific highlights

2003 – HARPS starts its operations. ‘First light’ for HARPS at La Silla

2004 – First ‘super-Earth’ found after an asteroseismology run. 14 times the Earth.

2005 – Planets around very light stars. The dwarf that carries a world

2006 – When there is one, there are several. Trio of Neptunes and their belt

2007 – Searching for habitability. First Earth-like planet in habitable zone

2008 – Probing the stellar interieur. The drifting star

2008 – Even lower masses. A trio of super-Earths

2008 – HARPS’ astrocomb. A fine-tooth comb to measure the accelerating universe

2008 – Rotating Milky Way. Pinning down our galaxy’s spin

2009 – The known system Gl 581. Lightest exoplanet yet discovered

2009 – Corot 7b. First solid evidence for a rocky exoplanet

2010 – Solving the Lithium mystery. Exoplanets clue to Sun’s curious chemistry

2010 - Richest Planetary System Discovered. Up to seven planets orbiting a Sun-like star

2010 - Pulsating star mystery solved

2010 – Spin-Orbit alignment. Turning planetary theory upside down

2011 - Fifty new exoplanets discovered by HARPS. Richest haul of planets so far

2012 - Planet around our neighbours. Earth-mass exoplanet orbiting Alpha Centauri B

2012 – Billions of rocky planets in the habitable zones of Red Dwarfs in the Milky Way

2013 – Exploring habitability. Three Planets in Habitable Zone of Nearby Star