Sophie Saesen

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Sophie Saesen obtained her PhD in 2009 at the Institute of Astronomy of the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium. The title of her PhD thesis is ‘Towards asteroseismology of the young open stellar cluster χ Persei (NGC 884)’. This work consisted of reducing a large amount of multi-site multi-colour CCD data of one open cluster to get light curves of all individual stars, searching for variable stars and performing a detailed frequency analysis and mode identification of the periodic B-stars as start for an asteroseismic study.

 Since 2010, Sophie is doing a postdoc at the Geneva Observatory in the Stellar Variability group. Her work is focussed on the study of the variability content of open clusters.

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Current Activities

  • Reduction of CCD photometry
  • Studying the variability content of open clusters in the framework of the Geneva Open Cluster Survey
  • Deciphering the origin of the new class of variable stars in NGC 3766
  • Asteroseismic studies of magnetic B-type pulsators

Research Interests

Sophie’s primary interest is asteroseismology of B-type pulsators, and more specifically of beta Cep stars. She worked on this subject in the framework of an open cluster survey, and more recently for the case of individual magnetic B-stars. When Sophie joined the Stellar Variability group in Geneva, she was implied in the Geneva Open Cluster Survey. Sophie is experienced in reducing CCD data of open clusters to obtain precise light curves and in the frequency analysis of variable stars and mode identification of pulsating stars.