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Les accents

sous emacs charger le package iso-accents-mode
placer en en-tete
pour que latex comprenne les accents "é " et non pas "\'e"

Presentation en pdf

Effet power point avec ppower4

Exemple 1 a UC Berkeley
Exemple 2
Exemple 3 (ma soutenance de these)

Making a poster using latex poster macros
Making the poster file
     Download template latex source file UFposter.tex, blank figure ps file, and UF logo ps file LetterShape.eps

     latex UFposter.tex
     dvips -o UFposter

  1.        Download the postscript resizing script poster_resize.
  2.        Choose your scale factor S.
    1. A0 size poster, choose S=2.82
    2. A1 size poster, choose S=2.0
    3. A2 size poster, choose S=1.4
    4. A3 size poster, choose S=1.0
    5. A4 size poster choose S=0.64 (=> height =20.4 cm )
  3.        Type poster_resize S
  4. Edit the ps file and if the the bounding box are :

  5. %%BoundingBox: 0 0 urx ury
    add the following lines
    % print in landscape mode
    90 rotate 9 (-ury+9) translate
    Reminder 1cm<=>28pts