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This is a python package to quickly, automatically, and robustly identify geometrical transforms between optical astronomical images, using only field stars. The images can have different pixel sizes, orientations, pointings and filters.


alipy is personal code, and work in progress... The package is already very useful for me, and I hope it will be for you, but don’t expect too much neither. Any feedback and wishlists are highly welcome !

Summary of what alipy does for you :
  • Run SExtractor (see Installation) on the images to get individual source catalogs.
  • Identify corresponding asterisms, roughly following Lang et al. (2010) aka astrometry.net.
  • Use this identification to match catalogs, align the images (either directly with scipy, or pyraf geomap/gregister), ...

Next stop : a quick look at the Tutorial.

Last build of this documentation : April 09, 2013.

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