We need python, numpy, scipy, matplotlib, and :
  • Source Extractor by Bertin & Arnouts. The executable must be available as sex, not as sextractor. Make an alias if required.
  • astroasciidata : a package to read SExtractor catalogs
  • f2n : optional, but very useful to make control visualizations
  • PyRAF/IRAF : optional, only needed if you want to use IRAF’s geomap/gregister image alignment

We use pysex by Nicolas Cantale to interact with SExtractor, but pysex comes bundled with alipy – no need to install it.


Get alipy directly from its public repository, by typing:

svn checkout ./alipy

And then,

cd alipy
python install

or maybe

python install --user

... if you don’t have write access to the global site-packages directory of your machine. More info about the installation :

To generate this documentation

You’ll need sphinx.

cd doc
make apidoc
make html

And then open _build/html/index.html

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