Stellarium Landscapes

Stellarium is a fabulous free (GPL) multiplatform planetarium software.

How to install a landscape

Download the landscape zip file to your desktop (no need to decompress it), launch Stellarium, go into the "Sky and viewing options window", select the "Landscape" tab, and "Add/remove landscapes ...".
If this should not work, unzip the landscape you've downloaded (it's a directory), and put it in a sub-directory called "landscapes" in your stellarium user directory. On Mac OS X, this would look like :
/Users/yourname/Library/Application Support/Stellarium/landscapes/euler_la_silla/
More info : Stellarium Wiki.

Euler, ESO La Silla Observatory

Download : (9 MB).
This is 4096 x 2048 pixels, higher resolution available upon request.

The 1.2 m Swiss Euler telescope, operated by the University of Geneva, and located at the ESO La Silla Observatory in Chile.

I took the panorama photos at sunrise (7:25 local time) on September 3, 2010. Up there is the ESO 3.6 with HARPS.

Stellarium (left) vs photo (right), 2011/01/03 21:52 local time. Look for a small heap of stones to find the position from where the panorama was taken.