Extrasolar Planet Search Programme at
Haute-Provence Observatory

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1.93-m telescope
  • A Geneva - Grenoble - Haute-Provence observatories collaboration

  • Members:

      Geneva: Michel Mayor, Dominique Naef, Didier Queloz, Stephane Udry
      OHP: Jean-Pierre Sivan

    • Telescope: 1.93-m at OHP

    • Detector: Elodie
      Elodie A&A paper (gzipped)

    • Time allocation: 1 week per month

    • Sample:

    • A sample of > 320 stars

    • Northern sky

    • Enlargement of the original Mayor-Queloz sample

    • Single star selection from CORAVEL

    • Magnitude limited: mv<7.65

    • Slow rotator selection: vsini<5km/s

    • Discoveries:

    • HD 209458

        - A transiting Hot Jupiter
        - First planetary mass-radius-density determination
        - A Keck/HIRES-Elodie-Coralie result
        - Elodie no 4
        - Determinant Coralie follow up for transit time determination
    • 14 Herculis

        - The longest period to date
    • Gliese 876

      On the same telescope, by almost the same team (see the M-dwarf programmes):
        - A planet around an M dwarf
        - The closest extrasolar planet
    • 51 Pegasi

        - The first extrasolar planet around a solar-type star

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