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  • Searching For Extrasolar Planets (G. Marcy et al.)
  • The Anglo-Australian Planet Search Program Paul Butler page in Australia.
  • Extrasolar Planet Detection with the AFOE
  • Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia: A comprehensive list on the subject at the Observatoire de Paris.
  • Exoplanets: at Penn State University.
  • Searching for Extrasolar Planets
  • HST transit-search in 47 Tuc
  • COROT: A French photometry mission for stellar seismology and planet detection
  • Darwin Space Infrared Interferometry Project
  • List of Search Programs compiled by Darwin Project
  • Direct Imaging of Earth-like planets Center for Astronomical Adaptive Optics
  • The Planetary Society: Hot Topics
  • WASP Wyoming Arizona Search for Planets - A ground-based photometric search for giant planets

  • Education

  • Extrasolar Planets
    Comparing the orbits of the extrasolar planets to planets in our own solar system (Darren Williams).
  • Searching for Extrasolar Planets and Educational Resources in Astronomy and Planetary Science. web-based educational resources in astronomy and planetary sciences.
  • Other Worlds, Distant Suns. Darren Garber's site with numerous VRMLs and finding charts.
  • Detecting Planets Around Other Stars. A popular summary by Geoff Marcy for Encarta online.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for sci.astro Newsgroup. Joseph Lazio's FAQ answers frequently asked questions related to planets, stars, etc.
  • Other Sites
  • Art

  • Extrasolar Planets. Beautiful exoplanet artistic representations by Lynette Cook
  • Beyond the Sun Gallery. Planetscapes by Walter Myers
  • Extrasolar Visions. Computer art by John Whatmough of extrasolar planetary systems

  • In the Media

  • "Planet Hunters" BBC broadcast transcript by Danielle Peck of 11 March 1996 telecast.
  • "Hot Jupiters: Why do some giant planets hug their stars" November 1996 Scientific American article by David Schneider.
  • A Parade of New Planets May 1996 Scientific American article by Corey Powell.
  • NOVA Online: Hunt for Alien Worlds

  • Miscellaneous

  • Drake Univ.: Astronomy 51 Homepage
  • Encyclopedia Extrasolar
  • Other Solar Systems: SEDS
  • PBS - Mysteries of Deep Space
  • PSU Astronomy: Cool Astronomy Sites
  • Search for Life on Extrasolar Planets by E. Brookes & A. Johnston

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