Badges and doors

Multiservice card

On similar to a credit card format, multi card is given to each student-e, teacher and collaborator e-ordinator of the University of Geneva. In addition to identity and color portrait of the holder it has for the purpose of legitimizing information, the card has a rewritable area on which are the data of the person likely to vary over time (faculty and semester for students, status for teachers and staff, expiry date, etc.).

Get the multiservice card:

Below is the link on the web page UniGE with all the information for the multiservice card UniGE (badge):

You have to send the requested documents (picture jpeg and copy of your ID) at "" .

For your information :

  • Faculté ou division : Sciences, Astronomie
  • A portrait photo in JPEG format (.jpg)
  • A copy of your passport (.jpg)
  • The address where you want that your card is going to be send (Observatory for example).

Once you receive your card :

  • You have to enter your card in the terminal close to the reception
  • Skip to Michel Crausaz (or send me a scan of the new badge) so I enabled it in the database ObsGE doors. Required to access the ObsGE (Sauverny) outside working hours or on the weekend action!


  • These badges are relatively fragile! Do not bend or undergo a magnetic field.
  • In your wallet, it does not has to be in contact with the coins !! This may break the antenna of the RFID chip, a single mark on the badge is enough!

Defective card:

Important information and what to do in case you lose your badge: