43rd Saas-Fee Course
Star formation in galaxy evolution: connecting numerical models to reality
11-16 March 2013

Hands-on sessions:

We will offer an introduction to the variety of the numerical techniques used in astrophysics and linked to the formation and evolution of galaxies.

If you wish to do these practical numerical exercises, you need to bring your laptop along with you. In order to optimize the time dedicated to these sessions, you have to install a few astrophysical codes in advance: N_genIC, Gadget-2, FoF_Special, Athena, Cloudy and RADMC-3D.

Instructions on how to download the source code and how to compile are given below:

Reduction tools and plotting library:

The visualisation and post treatment of the outputs will be performed using the Python Programming Language. Beginners are welcome to consult the excellent official tutorial.

Graphical outputs will be based on the Matplotlib library. A short but sufficient tutorial may be found here.

A simple scripts designed to display a Gadget snapshot file representing a cosmological box may be downloaded here.

Hands-on session 1:

Prof.Volker Springel

Hands-on session 2:

Prof.Nick Gnedin

Hands-on session 3:

Prof.Ralf Klessen