43rd Saas-Fee Course
Star formation in galaxy evolution: connecting numerical models to reality
11-16 March 2013


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08h45-09h35 Springel Springel Gnedin Klessen Springel Gnedin
short break
09h45-10h35 Klessen Springel Klessen Klessen Springel Gnedin
coffee break
10h55-11h45 Gnedin Gnedin Springel Springel Klessen hands-on
17h00-17h50 Springel Klessen Gnedin Gnedin Klessen
17h55-18h45 hands-on Klessen hands-on Gnedin hands-on

Lecture 1: Prof. Volker Springel (Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies)

High perfomance computing and numerical modeling

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Lecture 2: Prof. Ralf Klessen (Zentrum fur Astronomie der Universitat Heidelberg)

Modeling Physical Processes in the ISM

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Lecture 3: Prof. Nick Gnedin (University of Chicago)

Modeling Physical Processes at galactic scales and above

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Publication: The lecture book will be published by Springer-Verlag in its Saas-Fee series.