News from integration – week 29

Matteo Aliverti
Giorgio Pariani
Denis Mégevand
Ian Hughes
Samuel Rihs
Adrien Crausaz

During week 29 of 2016, Matteo Aliverti and Giorgio Pariani visited Geneva Observatory to align the front end units.

The first task was to verify why the rotary stage was not rotating properly. This situation was noted since the installation of the FE structure in Geneva.The rotary stage was suspected to be broken or aged. a dummy piece was already under manufacturing to enable the tests to continue while replacing the stage. Fortunately, MAL and GPA discovered that the stage was OK, the blocking coming from a too tight shim.

The alignment of each front end unit was performed first by aligning the kinematics mounting by laser tracker metrology. Then the alignment was verified with the image camera looking at the dummy mirror replacing the fiber head entrance.







Last verification was to illuminate a fiber plugged in the calibration fibers connectors on all FE units. The position recorded on the image camera was in the requirement tolerances.







The cables trays were installed by Ian and its mechanics team

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