Blue camera good news

On Friday July 29th, 2016, our ESO colleagues Hans Dekker, Jean-Louis Lizon and Bernard Delabre were at Winlight for the PAE of the blue camera. As reported by them, the image quality is excellent, transmission is 95% on average, so the camera was provisionally accepted. A coating on the spherical face of L3 does not adhere well and will have to be redone by WS. A appropriate period has been defined in accordance with the project schedule to do this task. It will occur during sending the instrument to Paranal.

The BC did finally reach ESO premisses Monday August 8. There will now be a period of integration of the camera with the detector and the cryostat at ESO, followed by final tests. The integration in the spectrograph is planned to occur in Geneva in the second half of September.

The two pictures show the camera and the people participating at the PAE, Hans taking the picture. On the right is Vincent Lapère from Winlight Systems.

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