News from integration – week 31/2016

Ian Hughes
Denis Mégevand
Samuel Rihs
Noam Monteleone

Various works have been undertaken during the first week of August.

The Front-end was moved by around 50 cm to fit properly its “Paranal” position relative to the other elements (enclosure, vessel, cabinets). This will allow to mount the cable trays and to prepare the cables with their proper final lengths.

In view of the gluing of the new cameras flanges that will occur on August 10th – during JLL visit, all optical elements were removed from the bench, except the dummy main collimator, which is not kinematically mounted, as it is still not the final one.

We profited of this safe situation to move the bench in a lateral position relative to the vessel, allowing to connect the fiber link without being in the vessel. This will be the final position for the integration and tests of the spectrograph in “air configuration”.

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