News from integration – week 32/2016

Jean-Louis Lizon
Roberto Cirami
Marco Landoni
Francesco Pepe
Ian Hughes
Denis Mégevand
Charles Maire
Robin Schnell

Various works have been undertaken during this second week of August.

Jean-Louis Lizon visited us on Wednesday August 10 to mount and glue the new flanges for the cameras. These two flanges were prepared in Garching to correct the bad planarity of the cameras interfaces on the optical bench. Unfortunately, the plate used for that was not rectified, and the planarity was not enhanced by these new flanges.

On Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11, Roberto Cirami and Marco Landoni visited the integration hall to work on the instrument SW, and to discuss the  exposure meter algorithms with Francesco Pepe.

On Wednesday 10, a Beckhof module was identified as failed by Charles Maire and Robin Schnell after replacing the communication module of the Calibration Unit cabinet. A skype was help on Thursday to discuss the problem and prepare the proper solution that will be to replace the faulty module by a spare on week 33.

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