Blue camera progresses

Hans and Jean-Louis sent us some news from the blue camera.

The first picture shows the field lens (face down) and detector head undergoing helium leak testing in the detector lab. Vacuum seems to be OK. On Thursday August 11, the assembly has been taken to the integration hall.

The second picture shows the blue camera in the integration hall (below the crane hook) waiting to be mounted on the test bench to its left. On the test bench you see the corrector (in the middle) and the tilted fiber plate (at the rear). The camera will be mounted on the near end of the bench. This activity was foreseen until Friday August 12, but things are going well and  we may already start some of next week’s activities (mount FL + det head on camera, set up NGC and VCS, warm test, cooldown)

Close to the the wall behind the test bench you see the black VCS#3 rack and parts of the dummy vacuum and cryogenic system.

In the clean air tent you see the echelle and its interferometric test setup. One of the new gratings has already been mounted.

The last picture was sent on Thursday August 11, showing the camera mounted on the test bench and ready for the first tests.

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