News from integration – weeks 34 to 36/2016

Benjamin Reich
Ian Hughes
Denis Mégevand
external company
Samuel Santana
Marco Landoni
Roberto Cirami
Francesco Pepe

On week 34, the bench was prepared for the intervention of external scrapping specialists to correct the bad planarity of the cameras interfaces plates. Ian and Denis dismounted all the optical elements, Benjamin and Ian pinned the cameras plates to the bench and protected the full bench.

During week 35 and 36, two specialists, hired from an external company, scrapped the surface of the cameras interfaces plates to enhance its planarity to an acceptable level of better than 30 µm.

Samuel visited Geneva from August 30 to September 3, to start the installation of the Main Collimator.

Marco Landoni, Roberto Cirami and Francesco Pepe worked on the guiding algorithms and succeeded to have the pupil and field stabilization and the find fiber all working on Front End number 1.

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