News from integration – weeks 40 to 42/2016

In Geneva, integration continued with the installation of the blue camera and provisional detector, as well as the VCS#2, able to support only one cryostat. Olaf, Domingo, Jean-Louis and Hans visited the integration site during week 40. First technical light with the LDLS and Thorium Argon lamps occurred in the end of the week, with the blue detector, but without the full SW.

All machines were moved behind a router protecting the ESPRESSO network. Only authorized sites have now access to the instrument.

The VLT SW and its communication with the DCS was debugged. On week 41, the first laboratory light with the full SW was obtained.

During week 42, Marco and Matteo visited Geneva and made several fine tuning and adjustments to the spectrograph and the Front-End. This activity will continue during week 44, which will also see the integration of the final Echelle Grating.

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