News from integration – End of year 2016

Hereafter are a few lines describing very shortly the main activities held in relationship with the integration of ESPRESSO in Geneva. It has not the goal of describe the activities in detail, but merely to keep track of a few important steps and dates:

  • 25-10 – 28-10-2016          SW tuning
  • 28-10-2016                        First laboratory light with calibration sources ThAr and FP
  • 3-11-2016                          Installation of the final MR263 Echelle grating
  • 22-11 – 24-11-2016           Installation of the preliminary VCS
  • 06-12 – 08-12-2016          System Integration Mission – optical alignment
  • 12-12 – 21-12-2016          Exchange of the  blue camera, detector, VCS. Gone to Vacuum

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