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Technical issues

Coudé Train optics, good and bad news

The last optical element of the first Coudé Train, the prism P6, has been glued in its barrel on May 17th, in Merate by Marco and Matteo. As soon as the glue will have cured, it will be send to … Continue reading

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Feedthrough terminated

The feedthrough foreseen to pass the cables from the Laser Frequency Comb (LFC) room and the Combined Coudé Laboratory (CCL) has been terminated properly by Paranal contratists. This work closed another change request  (CRE) made by the ESPRESSO project to … Continue reading

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First optics arrived in Geneva

The first five optical elements (Dichroic, Red Folding Mirror, Red Transfer Mirror, Field Lens and Blue Transfer Mirror) of the ESPRESSO spectrograph were delivered to Geneva integration site on April 11th, 2016. During the week 15, Samuel Santana synchronized various … Continue reading

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