Paranal Mission 15

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Date(s) - 01/09/2016 - 28/09/2016

Paranal Observatory


This mission intended to install, align and commission the first Coudé Train subsystem, on UT4.
The work was heavily delayed (by more than one week) due to external events, as instrument failure on UT4, other projects activities and Paranal support not provided as foreseen. The consequence was the cancellation of the real commissioning. The commissioning time was used to finish the minimal installation and alignment of the UT4 CT, and the last two half nights were used to test the CT, which showed a very good image quality, and almost no vignetting, although some elements still need to be finally slightly re-aligned.

Attendees, by chronological order of arrival

Marco Riva (1-9.9)
Matteo Aliverti (1-9.9)
David Alves (3-17.9)
Alexandre Cabral (3-27.9)
Gerardo Ávila (3-27.9)
Denis Mégevand (3-28.9)
Antonio Oliveira (6-20.9)
Pedro Santos (6-20.9)
Bernard Delabre (10-21.9)
Antonio Manescau (14-27.9)
Manuel Abreu (14-28.9)
Paolo Di Marcantonio (18-27.9)
Manuel Monteiro (18-28.9)
Nuno Santos (20-28.9)
Francesco Pepe (22-27.9)
Gaspare Lo Curto (23-27.9)

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