SPIE 2012

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Date(s) - 01/07/2012 - 06/07/2012

RAI Amsterdam


Consortium attendees:

  • Gerardo Avila
  • Alexandre Cabral
  • Hans Dekker
  • Paolo Di Marcantonio
  • Denis Mégevand
  • Danuta Sosnowska

ESPRESSO papers submitted :

Conference 8444:

  • ESPRESSO: design and analysis of a Coudé-train for a stable and efficient simultaneous optical feeding from the four VLT unit telescopes, 2012, 2012SPIE.8444E..4FC, Cabral, A., Moitinho, A., Coelho, J., Lima, J., et al.

Conference 8446:

  • ESPRESSO: the ultimate rocky exoplanets hunter for the VLT, 2012, 2012SPIE.8446E..1RM, Mégevand, D., Zerbi, F. M., Cabral, A., Di Marcantonio, P., et al.

Conference 8448:

  • Challenges and peculiarities of ESPRESSO data flow cycle: from target choice to scientific results, 2012, 2012SPIE.8448E..1OD, Di Marcantonio, P., Sosnowska, D., Lovis, C., D’Odorico, V., et al.

Conference 8451:

  • ESPRESSO front-end guiding algorithm, 2012, 2012SPIE.8451E..2XL, Landoni, M., Riva, M., Zerbi, F. M., Mégevand, D., et al.
  • Adoption of new software and hardware solutions at the VLT:  the ESPRESSO control architecture case, 2012, 2012SPIE.8451, R. Cirami, P. Di Marcantonio, I. Coretti, P. Santin, et al.

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