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The collaborators of the project are listed hereafter, with logos illustrating their institute affiliation, electronic mail and business phone number, as well as their role in the project. All fields but the latest are active, thus a click on:

  • the institute logo enables to limit the display to one’s institute collaborators,
  • the name downloads the vCard of that person
  • the mail logo opens a mailer window
  • the phone logo opens a voip call
A FCUL-CAAUL Manuel Abreu ..754Coudé train control electronics WPM
INAF-Brera Matteo Aliverti ..505Front-end Unit WPM
ESO Domingo Alvarez Cryo-Vacuum electronics
IAC Manuel Amate ..356Quality engineer
ESO Gerardo Avila ..754Paranal interface engineer
B INAF-OATS Veronica Baldini ..348Control electronics
SRPS-Bern Timothy Bandy ..430Calibration unit
SRPS-Bern Willy Benz ..403Science team
ESO Paul Bristow ..454Camera optics
SRPS-Bern Christopher Broeg ..409Calibration unit WPM
C FCUL-CAAUL Alexandre Cabral ..753Interface engineer, Coudé train WPM
INAF-OATS Giorgio Calderone
INAF-OATS Roberto Cirami ..338Observation software WPM
FCUL-CAAUL Joao Coelho ..759Coudé train optics
INAF-Brera Paolo Conconi Spectrograph optical design WPM
INAF-OATS Igor Coretti ..347Control electronics WPM
INAF-OATS Stefano Cristiani ..220Italian Co-PI
INAF-OATS Guido Cupani ..235Data analysis software
D INAF-OATS Valentina D'Odorico Data analysis software WPM
ESO Hans Dekker ..268ESO partner coordinator, cameras WPM
ESO Bernard Delabre ..255Optics
INAF-OATS Paolo Di Marcantonio ..337Software system engineer, control software WPM
ESO Reinhold Dorn
F CAUP Pedro Figueira ..855Science advisory team
IAC Ana Fragoso ..307Spectrometer optics procurement WPM
G INAF-OATS Samuele Galeotta Software engineer, control software , control electronics
OGE Ludovic Genolet ..348Vacuum vessel, thermal system, Earthquake analysis WPM
INAF-Brera Matteo Genoni ..477Consulting system team optician
FCUL-CAAUL Ricardo Gomes ..753Coudé train optical design
IAC Jonay González Hernández ..751Data analysis software
H OGE Ian Hughes ..323Vacuum and thermal systems WPM
I ESO Olaf Iwert ..353Scientific detector system WPM
K ESO Florian Kerber ..757Laser frequency comb WPM
L INAF-Brera Marco Landoni ..505Exposure Meter WPM
ESO Jean-Louis Lizon ..780Cryo-vacuum system and echelle grating assembly WPM
OGE Christophe Lovis ..407Instrument scientist, Data reduction software
M OGE Charles Maire ..345Vacuum and thermal systems electronics
INAF-OATS Marco Mannetta ..334Control software
CAUP Carlos C.J.A.P. Martins ..891Science team
OGE Denis Mégevand ..353Project manager
INAF-OATS Paolo Molaro ..229Project scientist
CAUP Manuel A.S. Monteiro ..842Coudé train control software
INAF-Brera Manuele Moschetti ..505APSU WPM
O INAF-Brera Luca Oggioni ..477CT prisms barrels design
FCUL-CAAUL Antonio Oliveira Coudé train ICE design
P INAF-Brera Giorgio Pariani ..486System team optician
OGE Francesco Pepe ..396Swiss PI
INAF-Brera Ennio Poretti ..413Science team
R IAC Jose Luis Rasilla ..306Fiber link WPM
IAC Rafael Rebolo Lopez Spanish Co-PI
INAF-Brera Marco Riva ..505System Engineer
S IAC Samuel Santana Tschudi ..726Optical mounts WPM
CAUP Nuno Santos ..893Portuguese Co-PI
FCUL-CAAUL Pedro Santos Coudé train mechanical designer
OGE Alex Segovia Milla ..408DRS computer scientist
OGE Danuta Sosnowska ..396Dataflow, observation preparation software WPM
CAUP Sérgio Sousa ..892Data analysis software
T IAC Fabio Tenegi ..728Optical Bench WPM
V INAF-OATS Eros Vanzella ..235Data analysis software
INAF-OATS Matteo Viel ..233Science team
Z IAC Maria Rosa Zapatero Osorio ..427Science team
INAF-Brera Filippo Maria Zerbi ..487Consulting system engineer

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