the Consortium

The study and construction consortium for ESPRESSO gathers several academic and research institutes of four countries, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland, as listed in the table below.

Astronomical Observatory University of Geneva OGE Switzerland
Physics Institute University of Bern SRPS-Bern Switzerland
Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias Tenerife IAC Spain
Osservatorio di Trieste   INAF-OATS Italy
Osservatorio di Brera   INAF-Brera Italy
Centro de Astrofisica Universidade do Porto IA-CAUP Portugal
Facultade de Ciencias Universidade de Lisboa IA-FCUL Portugal

Each country is represented in the Executive Board by a PI or a Co-PI:

Italy Stefano CRISTIANI, Co-PI
Portugal Nuno SANTOS, Co-PI
Spain Rafael REBOLO LOPEZ, Co-PI
Switzerland Francesco PEPE, PI

ESO itself, apart of being the customer, is taking part to the project, participating in several workpackages. Although not formally part of the consortium, it is represented in the executive board by a so-called “ESO representative”:

ESO Hans Dekker

The people involved in the project in the various institutes are listed in the next page.

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