Nami Mowlavi

Nami Mowlavi

University of Geneva, Switzerland

Welcome !

I am a Senior Researcher at the Astronomy Department of the University of Geneva (Switzerland). My research focuses on stars and on their variability, with studies related  to, among other astrophysics topics, the structural and chemical evolution of stars, the structural and chemical evolution of the Galaxy and of extra-galactic systems, and the determination of distances in the universe

We live in an era of large-scale astronomical surveys, which provide a wealth of data for all fields of research in astrophysics, and in particular for the above-mentioned fields. Among these surveys, the Gaia mission from the ESA (European Space Agency) plays a key role in providing a census of variable objects throughout the whole sky. I have the chance to be heavily involved in the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium, which publishes publicly-available catalogs in specific Data Releases. These catalogs provide a mine of exquisite data, and it's a real joy to dig into them and to discover the secrets of our Universe. A catalogue of large-amplitude variables based on Gaia Data Release 2 has just been published. See Data section, and enjoy!

Updated 16/09/2020

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