PLATO Ground-based Observation Program (GOP)

Workshop 2022

17--19 October 2022
Observatoire de Genève, Versoix, Switzerland

   - 13/10/2022: Program + list of participants
   - 16/10/2022: Updated program and list of participants 
   - 18/10/2022: Slides available
   - 06/08/2023: Recordings available


The ESA PLATO mission (launch date 2026) aims at finding and characterising extrasolar planetary systems around bright stars, with a particular focus on terrestrial planets in the habitable zone around solar-like stars. The properties of both planets and host stars will be derived, including precise radii, masses and ages.

To achieve these scientific goals, on top of the exquisite space photometry expected from the satellite, a large Ground-based Observation Program (GOP) is set up within the PLATO Consortium. Its role is to provide the complementary data fundamental to establish the nature of the transit events detected in the PLATO light curves, help determine the best stellar parameters of the planet hosts, and provide precise planet mass estimates for the validated candidates. The GOP activities include all aspects necessary to achieve these goals, from the set up of a coherent and efficient organisation of the operations, a help to the development of new class of instruments or analysis tools, to the final provision of the best possible photometry, imaging, and spectroscopy data to achieve the mission goals.

This workshop is the first one of the PLATO GOP. It will present the GOP organisation and its objectives, and discuss the science and techniques foreseen to achieve its goals, in the form of presentations followed by discussions. Sessions will be devoted to exoplanets, including vetting and precise mass determinations, to stellar science, including stellar parameter determination with and without asteroseismology, and to the involvement of the broader community.

The workshop is open to everybody (on registration), but on-site participation in Geneva, Switzerland, will be limited to 50 people.

LOC: Nami Mowlavi (chair), Stéphane Udry (co-chair), François Bouchy, Chantal Tacoy, Myriam Burgener


The workshop will take place from Monday October 17 at 13h55 till Wednesday 19 at 17h00. It will encompass both exoplanets and stellar topics, with sessions on precise mass determination and vetting procedures (including photometry and imaging), science enhancement, stellar parameter determination, and the broader involvement of the community.
Slides & recordings of the talks


The workshop will take place in Versoix, Switzerland (~10km from Geneva), and will also be available on-line. Registration is mandatory for both on-site and on-line participation, by filling the following Registration form.
There is no registration fee. However, pre-order will be requested for the food at the Observatory, at the price of CHF 25 per day to cover lunches (including dessert and beverage) and morning+afternoon coffee breaks.
List of participants


Observatoire de Genève
51 chemin Pegasi
1290 Versoix

Public transportation
- By train to Versoix or Coppet;
- Then by bus to the Observatory:
From Versoix-Gare: TPG 55 (time table).  Bus stop: "Observatoire", then walk ~7 min
From Coppet-Gare: TPN 813 (time table). Bus stop "Chavannes-des-Bois", then walk ~13 min


* There are several hotels in Versoix:
- The Lake Geneva Hotel in Versoix offers special rates for the workshop, with single room prices ranging from 130 CHF to 180 CHF depending on the night. Interested people should book through this link.
- Hotel Les Balances and Auberge du Lion d'Or are cheaper options in Versoix.

* Alternatively, hotels in Geneva or Nyon close to the train station are also convenient options.

We suggest you wait for your on-site participation confirmation before booking your hotel.

PLATO GOP Workshop 2022

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