PR activities and articles

Rencontre avec Francesco Pepe, un acteur clé dans la recherche d’exoplanètes, July 2018: Swiss radio RTS - CQFD

Chasseurs suisse d’exoplanètes, February 2018: Swiss television RTS - Mise au point

‘Cielo’, Documentary movie by Alison McAlpine: Film, Trailer

Zoom sur un nouveau chasseur d’exoplanètes, July 2018: Swiss radio RTS - CQFD

A la chasse aux exoplanètes, December 2017: Swiss television RTS - Daily news at 19h30

ESPRESSO, le spectrographe qui permettra de mesurer la masse des exoplanètes, July 2017: Swiss television RTS - Tout un monde

Kepler-78b, The hot Earth, November 2013: Swiss radio RTS - QCFD, Deutschlandfunk, Discovery News

alpha Cen B, An Earth-mass planet around our neighbor, November 2012: SwissInfo

A la recherche d’une nouvelle Terre, May 2012: Swiss television RTS - Daily news 18h30

50 new planets with HARPS, September 2011: Astronomy Magazine

HD85512b - A new Earth, September 2011:

Selected scientific publications:

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Diploma and thesis works:

  1. -PhD thesis by E. Obrzud: High Repetition Rate Laser Frequency Comb for Astronomical Spectrograph Calibration (2019), directed by Prof. F. Pepe, Dr. F. Wildi and Dr. T. Herr

  2. -PhD thesis by A. Coffinet: Amélioration de l'étallonnage en longueur d'onde de spectrovélocimètres à grande fidélité (2019), directed by Dr. Ch. Lovis and Prof. F. Pepe

  3. -PhD thesis by U.Conod: Adaptive optics for high resolution spectroscopy (2018), directed by Prof. F. Pepe and Dr. F. Wildi

  4. -PhD thesis by F. Cersullo: New Concept of Spectral Calibration for High Resolution Astronomica (2018), directed by Prof. F. Pepe and Dr. B. Chazelas

  5. -PhD thesis by A. Wyttenbach: Observations d’atmosphères exoplanétaires par spectroscopie de transmission à haute résolution (2017), directed by Prof. F. Pepe and Dr. Ch. Lovis

  6. -PhD thesis by X. Dumusque: Mitigating stellar signals in the quest for other Earths (2012), directed by Prof. S. Udry

  7. -PhD thesis P. Figueira: Radial Velocities in the Infra-Red - New Light Shed on Planets (2010)

  8. -PhD thesis Y. Michellod: Overactuated Systems Coordination (2008), directed by Prof. R. Bleuler

  9. -PhD thesis Ch. Lovis: Recherche de systèmes planétaires aux limites de la spectroscopie Doppler (2007), directed by Prof. M. Mayor

  10. -Msc diploma M. Cretignier: Mitigating stellar activity in radial velocities. Improvement towards the lightest planets searching quest (2018), directed by Dr. X. Dumusque and F. Pepe

  11. -Msc Diploma by E. Obrzud: Referenced Fabry-Pérot Etalon for the precise wavelength calibration of spectro-velocimeters (2015), directed by Dr. F. Wildi

  12. -Msc diploma Antolinez: Banc d’essais de fibres de spectrographe à vitesses radiales (2005), directed by Prof. F. Wildi

  13. -Msc diploma by Ch. Lovis: Cellule à iode pour HARPS (2002), directed by Prof. M. Mayor

  14. -Stage J. Isambert: CTI de capteurs CCD (2008), directed by Prof. F. Bouchy

  15. -Stage A.-E. Lagny: Etude d’un étalon de Fabry-Pérot pour la mesure des vitesses Radiales stellaires de très haute précision (2007)

  16. -Stage Chetail: Etude d'un nouveau système de contrôle (composants électroniques et logiciel) pour le télescope suisse «EULER » situé à La Silla, Chili. (2005)

  17. -Stage S. Jannin: Improving wavelength calibration on HARPS (2004)

  18. -Stage F. Galland: Influence des conditions d’observations sur les mesures de vitesse radiale (2001)

Courses and classes:

  1. a)Fondements de l’Astronomie Observationelle (14A008)

  2. b)Techniques et méthodes d'observations en astronomie moderne (19A024). See also here for the PPT presentations of this course (delivered by several colleagues)

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