File formats

You'll find below a description of the columns in:

Meaning of the columns in the evolution files

1:line number
3:M [M]mass
4:log (L/L) luminosity
5:log (Teff) [K]effective temperature
6:1H[mass fraction]surface abundances
7:4He " "
8:12C " "
9:13C " "
10:14N " "
11:16O " "
12:17O " "
13:18O " "
14:20Ne " "
15:22Ne " "
16:26Al " "
17:Mcc[M / Mtot]convective core mass
18:log (Teff) [K]not corrected for the wind thickness (WR)
19:log () [M / yr]mass loss
20:log (ρc) [g cm-3]central density
21:log (Tc) [K]central temperature
22:1H[mass fraction]central abundances
23:4He " "
24:12C " "
25:13C " "
26:14N " "
27:16O " "
28:17O " "
29:18O " "
30:20Ne " "
31:22Ne " "
32:26Al " "
33:Ωsurf [s-1]angular velocity at the surface
34:Ωcentre [s-1]angular velocity at the centre
35:Rpol/Req oblateness
36:FΩcorrection factor to Ṁ due to rotation
37:Vcrit,1[km s-1]critical velocity (Ω-limit)
38:Vcrit,2[km s-1]critical velocity (ΩΓ-limit)
39:Veq[km s-1]equatorial velocity
40:Ω/Ωcrit fraction of critical rotation
41:ΓEdd Eddington factor
42:log (mech) [M / yr]mechanical mass loss at the equator
43:tot [1053 g cm2 s-1]total angular momentum
44:log(gpol) [cm s-2]polar surface gravity
45:Rpol [R]polar radius
46:Mbol [mag]bolometric magnitude
47:MV [mag]V-band magnitude
48:U-B colours index
49:B-V "
50:V-R "
51:V-I "
52:J-K "
53:H-K "
54:V-K "
55:BCBolometric correction

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Meaning of the columns in the isochrone files

1:Mini[M]initial mass of the (interpolated) model
2:Ziniinitial metallicity
3:V/Vcritinitial rotation rate
4:M[M]mass at the given age
5:log (L/L)luminosity
6:log (Teff)[K]effective temperature
7:log (Teff)[K] " (not corrected for the wind thickness)
8:Mbol[mag]bolometric magnitude
9:MV[mag]V-band magnitude
10:U-Bcolour index
17:BCbolometric correction
18:Rpol[R]polar radius
19:Rpol/Req oblateness
20:log (gpol)[cm s-2]polar gravity
21:Ωsurf[s-1]angular velocity at the surface
22:Veq[km s-1]equatorial velocity
23:Vcrit,1[km s-1]critical velocity (Ω-limit)
24:Vcrit,2[km s-1]critical velocity (ΩΓ-limit)
25:Ω/Ωcrit fraction of critical rotation
26:log () [M / yr]mass-loss rate
27:log (mech) [M / yr]mechanical mass-loss rate at the equator
28:ΓEdd Eddington factor
29:1H[mass fraction]surface abundances
30:4He " "
31:12C " "
32:13C " "
33:14N " "
34:16O " "
35:17O " "
36:18O " "
37:20Ne " "
38:22Ne " "
39:26Al " "

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Meaning of the columns in the cluster files

1:Mini[M]initial mass of the star
2:Zini[Z]initial metallicity of the star
3:Ωinicrit initial fraction of critical rotation
4:i[°]viewing angle
5:binarity0: single, 1: binary,
2: binary, but secondary not interpolated
6:M1/M2 mass ratio if binary
7:M[M]mass at age t
8:log (L/L)luminosity
9:log (Teff)[K]effective temperature
10:log (Teff)[K] " (not corrected for the wind thickness)
11:log (L/L)gdL corrected for gravity darkening
12:log (Teff)gd[K]Teff corrected for gravity darkening
13:log (L/L)lgdL corrected for gravity+limb darkening
14:log (Teff)lgd[K]Teff corrected for gravity+limb darkening
15:Mbol[mag]bolometric magnitude
16:MV[mag]V-band magnitude
17:U-Bcolour index
25:MV,noise[mag]MV with noise
26:B-VnoiseB-V with noise
27:Rpol[R]polar radius
28:Rpol/Req oblateness
29:log (gpol)[cm s-2]polar gravity
30:Ωsurf[s-1]surface angular velocity at age t
31:Veq[km s-1]equatorial velocity
32:Vcrit,1[km s-1]critical velocity (Ω-limit)
33:Vcrit,2[km s-1]critical velocity (ΩΓ-limit)
34:Ω/Ωcrit fraction of critical rotation
35:log () [M / yr]mass-loss rate
36:log (mech) [M / yr]mechanical mass-loss rate at the equator
37:ΓEdd Eddington factor
38:1H[mass fraction]surface abundances
39:4He " "
40:12C " "
41:13C " "
42:14N " "
43:16O " "
44:17O " "
45:18O " "
46:20Ne " "
47:22Ne " "
48:26Al " "

In case the secondary is below the minimum mass for the grids used, only the flux of the primary is considered, but the binary nature and the mass ratio are still computed.

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