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You can find the latest version of my CV in pdf format HERE.

Professional references:

- Pr. Daniel Schaerer (Geneva University, CNRS): daniel [dot] schaerer [at] unige [dot] ch

- Pr. Naveen Reddy (UCR): naveen [dot] reddy [at] ucr [dot] edu

- Dr. Eros Vanzella (OABO - INAF): eros [dot] vanzella [at] inaf [dot] it

- Pr. Pascal Oesch (Geneva University): pascal [dot] oesch [at] unige [dot] ch

You can find my publication list HERE.

Some research examples:

SED modelling and nebular emission

A standard way to derive galaxy physical properties is to fit their observed spectral energy distribution (SED) with theoretical or empirical templates. However, until few years ago, the impact of nebular emission (emission coming from HII regions, where star formation occurs) on the SED was neglected in the fitting procedure. My PhD thesis aim was to add in a physical consistent way nebular emission to the models and then derive the effect on the derivation of the high-redshift galaxy physical properties.

Taking into account nebular emission leads typically to younger ages, lower stellar masses, higher dust attenuations and star-formation rates.

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Cosmic Reionization: the quest for high-redshift Lyman continuum emitters

One of the most pressing, unanswered question in cosmology and galaxy evolution is determining which sources are responsible for the reionization of the intergalactic medium and are capable of keeping it ionized afterwards. While star-forming galaxies are considered to be the leading candidate sources of ionizing photons, only a handful of local galaxies are unambiguously leaking ionizing photons.

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