IAU Symposium 307: New windows on massive stars


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Monday, June 23
08h30Welcome adressG. Meynet
Session I: Challenges in massive star evolutionChair: A. Noels
08h40   RT:Physics of mass loss in massive starsJ. Puls
09h20   CT:Winds of metal-poor OB stars: updates from HST-COS UV spectroscopyM. García
09h45   CT:Massive stars near the Eddington-limit, pulsations & mass-lossG. Gräfener
10h10   CT:Discovery of a New Class of Wolf-Rayet Stars in the LMCPh. Massey
10h35-11h05 Coffee break
11h05   RT: Physics of convection in massive starsC. Meakin
11h45   RT: Stellar rotation: physics, evolutionA. Maeder
12h25-14h30 Lunch
Session I: Challenges in massive star evolution (continued)Chair: H. Saio
14h30   CT:Observed rotational velocities of the O-type stars in the Tarantula Nebula single stars and binariesO.H. Ramírez Agudelo
14h55   CT:Combining observational techniques to constrain convection in evolved massive star modelsC. Georgy
15h20   CT:New prescriptions of turbulent transport from local numerical simulationsV. Prat
15h45   RT: The advanced phases of massive stars: the path to the core collapse and the explosive yields.A. Chieffi
16h25-16h55 Coffee break
16h55   RT: Physics of interacting close binariesN. Langer
17h35   CT:The First Evidence of a Binary Progenitor for a Type Ib SupernovaM. Bersten
18h00   PP: Short poster presentations
18h25 End of Day 1
Tuesday, June 24
Session I: Challenges in massive star evolution (continued)Chair: R. Hirschi
09h00   CT:Discovery of a Thorne-Zytkow object candidate in the Small Magellanic CloudE. Levesque
09h25   CT:Stellar Yields of Rotating First StarsK. Takahashi
Session II: Asteroseismology
09h50   RT: Basics of asteroseismologyA. Miglio
10h30   RT: Highlights in asteroseismology, with emphasis on massive starsC. Aerts
11h10-11h40 Coffee break
11h40   CT:Asteroseismology of OB stars as seen by hundreds of single snapshot spectra (and a few time-series of selected targets)S. Simón-Díaz
12h05   CT:Photometric Variability of OB-type stars as a New Window on Massive StarsM. Kourniotis
12h30-14h30 Lunch
Session II: Asteroseismology (continued)Chair: G. Meynet
14h30   CT:Semi-Convective Mixing in Massive Stars as seen by AsteroseismologyE. Moravveji
14h55   CT:Probing high-mass stellar evolutionary models with binary starsA. Tkachenko
15h20   CT:The puzzling new class of variable stars in NGC 3766: old friend pulsators?S. Salmon
15h45   CT:Asteroseismology of red giants to constrain angular momentum transportP. Eggenberger
16h10-16h40 Coffee break
16h40   CT:Behaviour of pulsations in hydrodynamic models of massive starsC. Lovekin
Session III: Interferometry
17h05   RT: Basics of interferometryG. van Belle
17h45   RT: An interferometric journey around massive starsA. Meilland
18h25 End of Day 2
19h30 - Public conference at Uni Dufour - "Les champ magnétiques stellaires : leur rôle sur la vie des étoiles et sur la nôtre."
Wednesday, June 25
Session III: Interferometry (continued)Chair: T. Rivinius
09h00   PP:Short poster presentations
09h25   CT:Zooming into eta Carinae with interferometryJ. Groh
09h50   CT:On the atmospheric structure and fundamental parameters of red supergiant starsM. Wittkowski
10h15   CT:Evidences for a large hot spot at the surface of BetelgeuseM. Montargès
10h40-11h10 Coffee break
11h10   CT:The recent disk evolution of Achernar resolved by VLTI spectro- interferometryD. Faes
11h35   GD: General discussion on a few chosen questionsLeaders: H. Henrichs & G. Meynet
12h00 End of day 3
Free afternoon -- excursion: visit of CERN and wine tasting in Geneva vineyards
Thursday, June 26
Session IV: SpectropolarimetryChair: C. Neiner
09h00   RT: Basics of spectropolarimetryJ. Landstreet
09h40   RT: Recent highlights of spectropolarimetryJ. Grunhut
10h20   CT:Constraining general massive-star physics by exploring the unique properties of magnetic O-stars : rotation, macroturbulence, and subsurface convectionJ. Sundqvist
10h45   CT:B fields in OB stars (BOB) : first results of the surveyT. Morel
11h10-11h40 Coffee break
11h40   CT:Unraveling the brightness variability of sigma Ori EM. Oksala
12h05   CT:Revealing the Mass Loss Structures of Three Key Massive Binaries Using Optical SpectropolarimetryJ. Lomax
12h30-14h30 Lunch
Session IV: Spectropolarimetry (continued)Chair: D. Arnett
14h30   RT: Magnetic fields - stellar winds connectionA. ud Doula
15h10   CT:Linear polarimetry as a tool to constrain aspherical mass lossJ. Vink
15h35   CT:The BinaMIcS project: understanding the origin of magnetic fields in massive stars through close binary systemsE. Alecian
16h00   CT:Angular momentum transport by unstable toroidal magnetic fieldsM. Gellert
16h25-16h55 Coffee break
Session V: Synergies between different techniques
16h55   RT: Links between surface magnetic fields, abundances, and surface rotation in clusters and in the fieldN. Przybilla
17h35   PP:Short poster presentations
18h00   GD: General discussion on a few chosen questionsLeaders: A. ud Doula & R. Hirschi
18h25 End of Day 4
19h30 Conference dinner at La Brasserie des Halles de l'île (registration requested)
Friday, June 27
Session V: Synergies between different techniques (continued)Chair: E. Levesque
09h00   CT:Synergies between asteroseismology and spectropolarimetry to constrain transport and mixing processes in massive starsS. Mathis
09h25   CT:Combining seismology and spectropolarimetry: from CoRoT and MOST to K2 and BRITEC. Neiner
09h50   CT:X-ray emission from magnetic massive starsY. Nazé
10h15   CT:Massive Star Astrophysics with MSCFD. Bomans
10h40-11h10 Coffee break
11h10   CT:The Massive star population at the Center of the Milky WayF. Najarro
11h35   CT:Accretion Signatures on Massive Young Stellar ObjectsF. Navarete
12h00-14h00 Lunch
Session VI: Towards a synthetic viewChair: Ph. Massey
14h00   ST: 3D and Some Other Things missing from the Theory of Massive Star EvolutionD. Arnett
14h30   ST: Asteroseismology of massive stars, the next stepA. Noels & M. Godart
15h00   ST: Interferometry of massive stars, the next stepPh. Stee
15h30   ST:Spectropolarimetry of massive stars, the next stepG. Wade
16h00 End of the Symposium

Invited speakers

C. Aerts
D. Arnett
A. Chieffi
J. Grunhut
J. Landstreet
N. Langer
A. Maeder
C. Meakin
A. Meilland
A. Miglio
A. Noels
N. Przybilla
J. Puls
P. Stee
A. ud Doula
G. van Belle
G. Wade

Talks and posters: technical informations


Review talks are 40 minutes long (30'+10') and contributed talks are 25 minutes long (20'+5'). Synthesis talks are 30 minutes long (20' presentation + 10' discussion).

Remember that the deadline for abstracts is April 30.

There will be 2 computers (Mac + PC) with PowerPoint, Acrobat Reader, Open Office and Keynote installed. The speakers are requested to upload their talks on one of the conference's computer and not use their private laptop.

Poster session

Posters may be displayed for the whole duration of the symposium in the vicinity of the conference room. The posters' format is at most A0 (841 x 1189 cm), in the portrait orientation.

Remember that the deadline for abstracts is April 30. However, posters on last minute results may be considered until May 20.

We propose to print your poster locally if you wish. The deadline to receive the pdf file is June 5. The cost is CHF 17.00 per poster, to be payed at the registration desk at the beginning of the conference.