43rd Saas-Fee Course
Star formation in galaxy evolution: connecting numerical models to reality
11-16 March 2013
The pNbddisplay script is designed to display a Gadget snapshot file representing a cosmological box.

  1. Python (version 2.6.x or 2.7.x)
  2. NumPy
  3. Matplotlib, a python 2D plotting library

Installation instructions:

    1. move to the sf2013 directory
      cd ~/sf2013
    2. download the tar file:
      wget http://lastro.epfl.ch/conferences/sf2013/download/pNbddisplay.tar.gz
    3. uncompress and untar it:
      tar -xzf pNbddisplay.tar.gz
      cd pNbddisplay
    4. test it:
      ./pNbddisplay.py box.dat
      at this point, matplotlib should diplay 3 projections of the snapshot box.dat.